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Why use Glitz Detailing

This is why our customers love our services

Why use Glitz Detailing Car Detailing Services?

  1. We've been in business for since 2015
  2. We come to you
  3. Our customer's publicly endorse us on various social media platforms (even customer's who've never used our services, they've only seen reviews for our services)
  4. The owner/operator Lachlan has a passion for excellence
  5. Our top of the range commercial equipment means that we bring a detailing studio to your prized possession
  6. Our industry leading processes ensure an exceptional outcome
  7. No pushy sales persons trying to lock you into a contract
  8. We steam clean the interior as part of our standard Extreme Clean

Our technicians go to every length to ensure that , I love your car and by the time I have finished detailing it, you will too. I will perform an Initial Major Detail to bring your car to a showroom appearance, even if it has never had the privilege of enjoying a garage. We can then implement the ongoing maintenance program.

Our Equipment

We only use commercial grade equipment as it performs far more superiorly to non-commercial equipment and it's safer on your asset.

  • Vacuum/Steam Machine - The Vacuum/steam machine steams whilst it vacuums therefore melting and agitating dirt whilst it sucks
  • Petrol Pressure Washer - Has a powerful pump pushing out more water rather than find needle jets of water which can damage the clear coat
  • Buffing Machines - Our Rupes buffing machines are top of the range machines which provide a showroom finish

Vacuum Steam machine

The vacuum uses water filtration which captures more particles than a HEPA filter and it never loses suction. Non-water filtration vacuums use a HEPA filter which loses suction as it gets dirtier.

The commercial steam vacuum machine is able to not only extract more debris, dog hair and sand from the interior but it steam cleans whilst it vacuums.

  • Never loses suction - due to water filtration
  • Steams whilst it vacuums - The steam melts and agitates the dirt whilst the vacuum sucks up the debris
  • Steam sanitises without using any chemicals - Safe for allergies and children

Petrol Pressure Washer

  • Powerful pump pushing out more water than a domestic machine - It has a powerful pump pushing out more water rather than find needle jets of water which can damage the clear coat

Buffing Machines

  • Top of the range Rupes buffing machines - Provide a showroom finish

I have developed an ongoing maintenance program to ensure your car continues to look brand new all year-round. My ongoing maintenance program with estimated prices includes:

  1. Extreme Annual Major Detail
  2. Extreme Monthly Clean
  3. Extreme Quarterly Detail